Objectifies [verb]

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Instead of imagining a character simply, they realize it, objectify it.

In certain or uncertain physical conditions, the mind can project and objectify, its own creations.

It will objectify a part of your material for you, and possibly, by arousing criticism, enable you to strengthen your points.

Thus do we objectify that which has no objective existence, but is purely a subjective experience.

Moreover, it is quite arbitrarily that they attribute to the primitive this tendency to objectify blindly all his emotions.

They also objectify the relations between a society at war and, during times of peace, between society and its warriors.

Thus, they objectify both the pain of the sickness and the fear aroused in the community by the behaviour of the sick person.

The effort to objectify the ideal, and to put it in concrete form in words or upon canvas, is said to be precious though painful.

Nor has he ever had the power to express and objectify himself completely, and achieve vital form.

We are inevitably inclined to objectify the limitations of our own power instead of recognizing them for what they are.