Objecting [noun]

Definition of Objecting:

thing able to be seen/felt/perceived

Synonyms of Objecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Objecting:

Sentence/Example of Objecting:

The object of her solicitude entered in dressing-gown and slippers.

"I shall not interfere with that arrangement," said the lawyer, misunderstanding his object.

My object in calling upon him was to induce him to do me justice at last.

This object, through the kindness of friends, was accomplished.

I remembered the object of my visit, and struggled for composure.

The object sought was not a thing dreamed of; it was a thing realized.

If it be possible for so universal a lover to be confined so long to one object?

Thou,” she says to the Gifted, “art the object of my first and all-engrossing passion.

The object so meritorious, who can doubt the reality of his professions?

At times we are as much the object of their envy as they ever are of ours.