Objectors [noun]

Definition of Objectors:

person who fights, is aggressive

Synonyms of Objectors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Objectors:


Sentence/Example of Objectors:

The objector calculates that some will not come, for he knows how hard it is to get them to come.

When you ask the objector to go to war, you invite him to commit a flagrant sin.

To such an objector I would reply that Geography is an art as well as a science.

The objector should also remember that the body is composed of over 80 per cent.

But an objector raised the point that bears and skunks have fur.

But the objector says, "Will God condemn a man when he has no light?"

The others laughed at both plotter and objector, for it sounded so visionary.

Our Objector, warming as he proceeds, will perhaps assume a more impatient tone.

The Objector must mean, either, that these affections are unreasonable in themselves, or that they are misplaced in religion.

There was no objector, and each man was soon busy with hot apples and cream.