Oblate [adjective]

Definition of Oblate:

with communal life

Synonyms of Oblate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oblate:

Sentence/Example of Oblate:

"Such, in few words, is the history of the convent," said the oblate.

"We will go for a walk to-day," said the oblate, rubbing his hands.

"That means they are going to kill him soon," said the oblate.

"And this proves that your conversion is good," affirmed the oblate.

The form of our globe, which is that of an oblate spheroid with an ellipticity of about 1⁄299.

For any other figure, such as an oblate spheroid, this is not exactly true.

For anyone except the trailer after strange souls The Oblate is an affliction.

Newton proved that this was due to the fact that the earth is an oblate spheroid.

Fruit, medium sized; roundish and flattened, inclining to oblate.

Fruit, medium sized; oblate, regularly and handsomely shaped.