Oblations [noun]

Definition of Oblations:

eucharist offering

Synonyms of Oblations:

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Sentence/Example of Oblations:

Perhaps some of your correspondents would elucidate this singular oblation.

The red man makes oblation, as he rows past, by dropping a pinch of tobacco into the water.

I desire to offer myself as a willing oblation, and to remain yours in perpetuity.

Milman calculates that in 1344 the oblation-box alone at St. Paul's produced an annual sum to the dean and chapter of £9,000.

An individual sacrifice was necessary, a perfectly voluntary oblation, which was considered as carrying the others along with it.

As the smoke often ascends in a slanting direction, it frequently directs itself toward the suspended oblation trays.

As far as an individual could appreciate such splendor, I must testify it was an eminently thrilling oblation.

If thy oblation be from the fryingpan, of flour tempered with oil, and without leaven: 2:6.

Offer unto God a pure oblation: let the fire of the altar search thee, and prove thy fortitude.

And the fire to whom with Indra, the Agrayana oblation is enjoined to be made is called the Agrayana fire.