Obligated [adjective]

Definition of Obligated:


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Sentence/Example of Obligated:

You have the horse and are obligated to give an entertainment for the Nazarenes in Adot.

It is in the sense of a historian bound and obligated to truth that we view him.

On the other hand, we are obligated to protect the interests of galactic citizens.

To these men we are obligated for our growth and development.

You are not obligated at present to go to the Copyright Office to ask any questions.

The State had been kind; the boys were obligated to good citizenship.

And what is more, I shall be obligated to have a new kirk suit.

England and France were obligated to defend Belgium against Germany.

Baryt was obligated to cede a thousand square miles to Tarrance.

If I am obligated, it must be in my power to fulfil the obligation imposed.