Obligates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Obligates:

The same reasons that obligate a person to accept circumcision also obligate a person to accept the whole Law.

Having it does not obligate him to speak out on all issues or, indeed, on any issue.

Shall I obligate the Church to pay three hundred and fifty head of cattle for a crime committed by others?

This will not obligate you at all, but for the sake of your future health and happiness, do not put it off.

He was forced to obligate himself not to trade in any Commodities except the produce of the manor.

Similarly, he who would be under obligation to none must obligate himself to all in every respect.

The best way, then, to be under obligation to none is, through love to obligate one's self in every respect to all men.

"Me and Si Klegg'll march 'em over there, and obligate ourselves not to lose a rooster of 'em," said Shorty.

The mere fact that I happened to save your life does not obligate me to marry you, Miss Wharton.

A guru must be on intimate terms indeed with the Creator before he can obligate Him to appear!