Obligatory [adjective]

Definition of Obligatory:

essential, required

Synonyms of Obligatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obligatory:

Sentence/Example of Obligatory:

In France and in England, it is obligatory also to attend vespers on the Sundays.

The study of these three languages is obligatory in the secondary schools.

For this is due to a confusion of the good or generous with the obligatory.

They made an obligatory and superficial search through the coal cellar.

The presence of women in the synagogue was in many instances not obligatory.

The others contended that the higher education should be optional and not obligatory.

The civil marriage is obligatory everywhere, and costs nothing.

The age of obligatory school attendance to be raised to sixteen.

No human authority can make it obligatory on us to commit sin.

On every one, therefore, as an individual, obedience to his law is obligatory.