Obliges [verb]

Definition of Obliges:


Synonyms of Obliges:

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Sentence/Example of Obliges:

What have you to do to oblige him with your refusal of Mr. Solmes?

If ever you see George again, sir, you will oblige me by conveying one message.

You will oblige us extremely by giving a little information.'

Will you oblige me so far as not to appear in the dress of Tancred to-night?

Dear, sweet creature, oblige us: and oblige us with a grace.

Say then, my dearest Niece, say then, that you will oblige all your friends!

Will you oblige me by reading this letter, and the accompanying verses?

Oblige me by wearing this, to complete the vision of my past youth.

She shall take it for an honour, she says, to be put into a way to oblige me.

He that can oblige, may disoblige—Happy for some people not to have it in their power to offend!