Obligingly [adverb]

Definition of Obligingly:


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Sentence/Example of Obligingly:

The gentleman answered as obligingly as before; and as to the house, acquainted him it was his own.

And she obligingly answered each one: "Have no fear, I will do it!"

And thereupon he obligingly placed himself at Pierre's disposal.

Miss Slocum smiled, and obligingly repeated, "I'll be larnin' it yet, so I will."

"Here put some soda in, I've got some by me," said the concierge, obligingly.

Virginie obligingly offered to run and fetch the burnt onions.

The wind, whistling in, obligingly blew out the lamp for him.

His coat had hampered him until it obligingly slit up the back.

Mrs. Kennedy also had friends in Pocatello, and she obligingly gave the names of them all.

"Why, this is what they call Injun picture writing," replied Red, obligingly.