Obligingness [noun]

Definition of Obligingness:


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Sentence/Example of Obligingness:

Constance laughed again, so fully did the accountant's obligingness reassure her.

Working in, I can see, my own obligingness and amiability with every stitch.

Profiting by her obligingness Dubarry unfolded his complaint.

Perfect civility and obligingness I certainly did receive from the Virginian, only not a word of fellowship.

This is a sound and obligingness more obligingness leads to a harmony in hesitation.

All these gentlemen, by their obligingness and friendly reception, bound me to them eternally.

One must acknowledge the amiability, politeness, and obligingness of the Italians.

So in I gently drew her to the compter, running behind it myself, with an air of great dilingence and obligingness.

Therefore, if this work has any merit, no small part of it is due to Signor Foucard's obligingness.

He would never succeed in passing with the little car if the people did not evince some obligingness.