Obliterated [adjective]

Definition of Obliterated:


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Sentence/Example of Obliterated:

A vision of gray eyes, blurred in tears of regret, had obliterated all that was material.

The action of the plough has often obliterated the traces of ancient barrows.

She looked at her work and obliterated the expression again.

The ancient priory of Austin Friars was at Ludlow, but is obliterated.

A bunch of Drilgoes, caught by it, were obliterated in an instant.

Ten seconds more, and you'd have been obliterated, Dent, just as your plane was.

She did know, however, that the woman-killer had been obliterated swiftly from her path.

These characteristics are happily often obliterated and overpowered.

The saw should cut alongside the line, and the line should not be obliterated in the cutting.

The lines should be obliterated by the plane, when it is being finished, and not before.