Obliviousness [noun]

Definition of Obliviousness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Obliviousness:

Sentence/Example of Obliviousness:

Some one may say, Why then touch her in this obliviousness of her unfilled possibilities?

She felt blank, and excluded, as though they had thrust her out into the obliviousness of the night.

He followed them down the walk in a sweating agony of obliviousness, and climbed into the car with carefully normal lack of haste.

She was calm-eyed and well-poised, and Lena hated her for the rest of her life for her obliviousness of the sordid.

When we remember what women are, the latter instance of obliviousness appears the more probable.

In that obliviousness, he, amid the tranquil scenes of his childhood, could now indulge without danger.

They assumed their leadership, however, with that obliviousness to youth which usually characterizes old age.

Egypt itself is now become the land of obliviousness, and doteth.