Oblong [adjective]

Definition of Oblong:

elongated and rounded

Synonyms of Oblong:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oblong:


Sentence/Example of Oblong:

Her contour was rather square than oblong, and she was very heavy.

One was a large one and oblong in shape, the other of good size but round.

The difference was that it was oblong instead of half round.

The spores are ochraceous-brown, oblong or elliptical, 8–104–5.

Oblong, two or three times as long as wide, with the sides parallel.

It consists of a nave of four bays with two oblong towers to the west.

It is of oblong shape, and is placed on a raised platform which is ascended by steps.

The room, an oblong, was furnished after a fashion of long ago.

Sew this into an oblong piece twelve inches long and eight inches wide.

Lanceolate: lance- or spear-shaped: oblong and tapering to the end.