Obscurantism [noun]

Definition of Obscurantism:

political conservativism

Synonyms of Obscurantism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obscurantism:

Sentence/Example of Obscurantism:

For simply differing from the obscurantism of his age, and having opinions of his own.

Obscurantism is better than the light of incendiary torches.

Its greatest crime was obscurantism, which was war on knowledge and civilization.

In the East the harem is, as Vambéry well says, the "bulwark of obscurantism."

In a certain sense every form of responsibility is obscurantism.

Deist or Gallican, he was a confirmed enemy of obscurantism in all its forms.

In Germany, as elsewhere, the victory of the Papacy was the victory of obscurantism.

Likewise there is nothing of obscurantism or affected mysticism about it.

It is not only theologians who have, in the history of thought, been guilty of obscurantism.

Now we say advisedly “primitive gods,” and this with no intention of obscurantism.