Obscurantist [adjective]

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But with Pascal we get clean away from the poison-trail of the obscurantist.

This deficiency played into the hands of the reactionary and obscurantist.

He thinks that the motives of Shi Hwang-ti were obscurantist.

You are an enemy of enlightenment, you are an obscurantist, Briquet.

For the obscurantist, belief is made easy, and the apologies for the Faith can be comparatively straightforward.

He was not by temperament an obscurantist, and he began by being something of a political idealist.

Puritanism might be narrow and bibliolatrous, but it was not obscurantist nor the enemy of science.

He was as intolerant as a priest, though he had no altar; as obscurantist as a magician, though he had no cave.

Their scepticism about Universals thus overleapt itself, and fell on the other side, into obscurantist ecclesiasticism.

Obscurantist, name given to an opponent to modern enlightenment as professed by the devotees of modern science and philosophy.