Obscurely [adverb]

Definition of Obscurely:


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Sentence/Example of Obscurely:

Obscurely wounded in his pride, he tried to wound them in return.

Obscurely, no doubt, there was something about a woman in it.

The little burro, now obscurely melancholic, grazed in the meadow.

He only felt it obscurely to be his real personality—the true—and, perhaps, the absurd.

This work of mental exaltation was brought about obscurely but surely.

The story of the woman's youth was remembered against her, if obscurely.

Alas, that we should vibrate so obscurely to these harmonies of earth and heaven!

To Gwenlyn he said obscurely, "I'm glad I didn't know you sooner."

Vaguely and obscurely do we all feel the pressure of these deep and secret impulses.

He had alluded, rapidly, obscurely, to some knowledge at his command "surer than man's."