Obscures [verb]

Definition of Obscures:

conceal, hide

Synonyms of Obscures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obscures:

Sentence/Example of Obscures:

For there is a darkness which grows larger and larger, which obscures everything.

Pro-Japanese apologetics is dangerous; it obscures the realities of the situation.

It is apparently the slowness of the process that obscures his mental sight.

That's the 'bus—no; the tarpaulin hangs down and obscures the inscription; yes.

All is watery and opaque; the fog settles down and obscures the scene.

Anything which obscures the sense, or makes the passage hard to read is wrong.

This obscures, though it does not obliterate, the air passages.

For the moment he obscures all the other men on her horizon.

He is grandiloquent and turgid to an extent which often obscures his meaning.

It is bad for the motion pictures because it obscures the producer.