Obsequies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Obsequies:

The obsequies of Gian Galeazzo completed, Charles pushed on.

"The obsequies of a pirate are best held in late afternoon," he replied.

They were ostentatiously solemnizing the obsequies of the departed monarch.

The obsequies of the departed President were of an imposing kind.

They were the obsequies of poverty, with which pride had nothing to do.

The Pope's chamberlain attended the obsequies, which was unusual.

Priam performs the obsequies for sacus, believing him to be dead.

It will not be my fault if I do not help warmly at his obsequies.

Were they not celebrating the obsequies of an obnoxious policy?

On one occasion, it was the obsequies of an officer in the army.