Obsequiously [adverb]

Definition of Obsequiously:


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Sentence/Example of Obsequiously:

"Your Excellency has not added your address," said the clerk, obsequiously.

Anna nodded, and Mr. Earles attended her obsequiously to the door.

“High, well-born, and most gracious madame,” said he obsequiously.

The proprietor served him obsequiously but did not venture to talk.

Dishes were obsequiously offered for inspection and approval.

"Won't you please to walk into the parlor, sir," said Mr. Chubb, obsequiously.

"You look agitated," said Dr. Hugh, bending toward me obsequiously.

"Well, sir, your will is law," said Crawley obsequiously but sadly.

Leonie almost threw the food at me, but she served Letitia most obsequiously.

"I assure you, Mr. Bunbury," bleated the unhappy Fillmore, obsequiously.