Observant [adjective]

Definition of Observant:

alert, watchful

Opposite/Antonyms of Observant:

Sentence/Example of Observant:

And if I were to be at all observant of him, it must be from fear, not love.

We have been petting the children, and, like other children, these are a trifle too observant.

The observant trio had noticed an additional cause for uneasiness.

At least one of the three ladies possessed an observant mind.

The doctor, observant and self-possessed, muttered, "He is very capable of that."

But in such a city as Dublin the alteration is manifest to the least observant.

He had also the gift of getting at the sense of any situation and an observant eye.

But she was, on that account, more tender and observant to him than ever.

"She makes me think of the 'Winged Victory,'" was the comment of the observant artist.

He was smoking a cigarette and watching me with shrewd, observant eyes.