Observed [adjective]

Definition of Observed:


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Sentence/Example of Observed:

This festival, in honour of Dionysus, was observed with great splendour.

She had observed that Geta and Milza appeared much confused when she spoke to them.

Ceremonies at Eleusis, in honour of Demeter, observed with great secrecy.

But to his relief he observed no change in the demeanor of his fellow-townsmen.

This one, at the rate I have observed, will not last so long.

And Mr. Solmes can't help your obstinacy: let that be observed too.

By no means it can, Madam; you will be pleased to observed, that I have said as much to him.

It will be observed that I take as historic records the statements of the Bible.

Mention the precautions that should be observed in caring for milk.

What precautions should be observed in the storing of dried foods?