Observing [adjective]

Definition of Observing:


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Sentence/Example of Observing:

"I was not observing the landscape," the other explains, carefully.

Observing this, Medea looked round at the nephews, and smiled again.

"You seem to think little of it," I said, observing that he took it very coolly.

I was very much interested in observing the society in which I found myself.

It was the turn of the mender of roads to say it this time, after observing these operations.

Those who see the most are they who never appear to be observing.

She leaned forward, observing her profile; gravity seemed to be her mood.

You will understand that my faculty of observing was unimpaired.

My husband was with me, and I was fearful of his observing what passed.

No one was observing him, and the glove was immediately concealed.