Obsess [verb]

Definition of Obsess:


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Sentence/Example of Obsess:

But my fears that their mental suggestions might obsess her were baseless.

The idea to sell out began to obsess him, and in the end he sold.

A dangerous thought had come to him and begun to obsess his mind.

He could not quite account for this sudden shadow which seemed to obsess the room.

What are all the torments of war compared to the thoughts that obsess us night and day?

But it is like Galahad we must seek the eternal mysteries that obsess Arthur Machen.

It was the watch for the ancient Being who sought to obsess him.

The fear she had expressed to Tunis Latham the evening before did not obsess her.

If the world continued to confine and obsess him, he hated the world, and gasped for freedom.

His own part in the threatening catastrophe began to obsess him.