Obsessing [verb]

Definition of Obsessing:


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Sentence/Example of Obsessing:

It seemed as if a cloud was in my brain, obsessing me at all times.

The first obsessing spell had given place to this—it was good to be so loved.

He hoped by these occupations to free himself from his obsessing thoughts of Vera.

The obsessing aim of many mothers is to "harden" their children.

Such thoughts were obsessing, also, the parson of the parish.

They fitted into the thoughts which had been obsessing her with a curious precision.

This thought had been obsessing Hilda all the afternoon and evening.

Your object is to fight on his side, remember, against this thing that is obsessing him.

The truth was forced out of her when it was evident to me that something was obsessing her.

His face was growing more and more hateful to her with an unearthly and obsessing antipathy.