Obsessions [noun]

Definition of Obsessions:

fixation; consumption with belief, desire

Synonyms of Obsessions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obsessions:

Sentence/Example of Obsessions:

Opinions are much divided on the matter of obsessions and possessions of the devil.

Here again the most frequent is the cure of paralytic symptoms and of obsessions.

Like other obsessions, they come to grief in the presence of something real.

Their thoughts are our thoughts, their obsessions, our obsessions.

Like the obsessions of the insane, there is a deadly inevitability in the logic of them.

Since the hour of her earliest childhood she had watched these obsessions and dreaded them.

These obsessions cripple both those who hate and, of course, those who are hated, robbing both of what they might become.

The physicians had ordered her away from the Paris palace, with its gloomy decorations so stimulating to her obsessions.

These oppressions and obsessions, the deadly anxiety, the futile responsibility and the boredom are too much for me.

Those were the obsessions of a pregnant woman, you thought—something she was to be soothed and coddled into forgetting.