Obsolescence [noun]

Definition of Obsolescence:

state of non-use

Synonyms of Obsolescence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obsolescence:

Sentence/Example of Obsolescence:

Petzholdt's Bibliotheca bibliographica is a classified bibliography that shows signs of obsolescence.

This operation has naturally declined in vogue with the obsolescence of blood-letting as a remedy.

Yet even in those words which do not become common there is very little tendency to obsolescence in the King James version.

In nearly all cases structural remnants of eyes admit of being detected, in various degrees of obsolescence.

Some may enjoy a second life; most of them will feel only the weakness of a second obsolescence.

The industrial traits in this way tend to obsolescence through disuse.

This isn't the old-time expanding economy based on obsolescence and conspicuous consumption.

Obsolescence in this connexion must be understood only of common educated speech, that is, the average speaker's vocabulary.