Obsolete [adjective]

Definition of Obsolete:

no longer in use, in vogue

Opposite/Antonyms of Obsolete:

Sentence/Example of Obsolete:

In this sense the word is obsolete; so is that kind of government.

If we used 'em all the time they wouldn't get obsolete, would they?

Wheelwrighting is fast becoming an obsolete art in the North.

Nothing can be obsolete that is of divine institution, your Eminence.

Fortunately, this type was not used extensively, and the battery is obsolete.

But woman as a human incubator and brooder is an 170 obsolete machine.

He pipeth, weary wretch and worn, A roundel shrill and obsolete.

Vaginata: sheathed: an obsolete ordinal term for Coleoptera.

This form of the past participle of the verb to light is now obsolete.

I realize that this is all irregular, out of fashion, obsolete.