Obstacle [noun]

Definition of Obstacle:

impediment, barrier

Synonyms of Obstacle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obstacle:

Sentence/Example of Obstacle:

He made a brief gesture, like one wiping an obstacle out of the way.

That was the entering wedge—the mention of an obstacle to overcome.

It has been raised from the rank of a fiction to the dignity of an obstacle.

I had to be dragged away, but I am soon myself again when confronted by an obstacle.

After overcoming every obstacle, he had the satisfaction of reaping the reward of his enterprise.

If this is true, no obstacle on earth shall part us so long as we live.

But to scale this obstacle without ladders was no easy matter.

Raising the boat-hook over his head, Paul soon detected the obstacle.

Heterodoxy in details of faith is rampant, and is no obstacle to Christian fellowship.

They were seized with fever and delirium, and this obstacle, in their minds, became material.