Obstacles [noun]

Definition of Obstacles:

impediment, barrier

Synonyms of Obstacles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obstacles:

Sentence/Example of Obstacles:

Obstacles will only increase his eagerness and multiply his artifices.

The rested muscles of his body and mind craved the resistance of obstacles.

The sufferings of the past, the obstacles of the future, had disappeared as if by magic.

But once in the city, days passed; obstacles arose on every side.

But even if there were no obstacles to his freedom of action he would do nothing.

He knew that the four Obstacles were somewhere about the temple.

There were only four Obstacles which might prevent an ideal meeting.

The other weapon with which he conquered all obstacles in science was patience.

All night he ran, blundering in the darkness into mishaps and obstacles that delayed but did not daunt.

Throw what obstacles in the way you please; it will surmount them all.