Obstructing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Obstructing:

Much better there than obstructing the high-road—much better.

He might have passed the obstructing car by driving with one wheel in the ditch.

I moved to his rear, but he said curtly that I was obstructing the light.

I warn you that you are obstructing the process of the law by yore actions.

You say we're obstructing the war by not giving in,—what's the matter with you giving in?

She was obstructing him and threatening him, and he had had enough.

And she danced in front of him, obstructing his efforts to pass her.

You're obstructing the United States mail, and I guess you know what that means!

But such "friends" as these have nothing to do with obstructing the execution of the law.

I said to the police, 'I am not obstructing the thoroughfare.'