Obtainment [noun]

Definition of Obtainment:

obtaining or receiving

Synonyms of Obtainment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obtainment:

Sentence/Example of Obtainment:

On the other hand, the idea of an obtainment is simply that of a gift.

It will certainly prove a valuable factor in the obtainment of passenger traffic.

The gentleman set out by congratulating the electors of Dudley on the obtainment of the elective franchise.

The means for the obtainment of a simply classical education are now at the very door.

The Atharva-veda adds that he set down a stone on the ground, asking the bride to step upon it for the obtainment of offspring.

The first of the sacraments is the puṃsavana or ceremony aiming at the obtainment of a son.

The explorer, or settler, will not unfrequently have to sink wells for the obtainment of water for himself and his animals.

Immediately on obtainment this juice is extremely cool and sweet to the taste.

The two most commonly treated for its obtainment are Fraxinus rotundifolia and Ornus Europa.

Implant in my heart the accomplishment of Thy precepts, the abandonment of evil deeds and the obtainment of Thy blessings.