Obtrude [verb]

Definition of Obtrude:

thrust outward

Synonyms of Obtrude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obtrude:


Sentence/Example of Obtrude:

Now, with Wilson as he was, was no time to obtrude his own story.

Style should not obtrude between a writer and his reader; it should be servant, not master.

I felt that to obtrude my consolations on her then would only serve to aggravate her sufferings.

She would not have dared to obtrude into the negotiations which seemed at hand.

He will not obtrude his views on others, but speak his mind freely when occasion calls for it.

But still—a new thought had begun to obtrude itself unwelcomely.

"I had really no intention to obtrude my curiosity so far," said Dunn, apologizing.

I have no right to obtrude upon you with these, but I think you will pity me.

Then came the thought—and how strange that such a thought should obtrude at such a time!

I give you my word that I will not obtrude upon you in any way.