Obtusely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Obtusely:

The caps were obtusely convex and of a grayish rufescent color.

Seventh cervical: Spine as high as the arch, obtusely pointed.

Occasionally the body-whorl is obtusely carinated just below the suture.

"She isn't poor; she is very well off," says Mr. Kelly, obtusely.

"I suppose we might go inside, too," suggested Sylvia obtusely.

The windows are placed under widely splayed, obtusely pointed four centred arches.

The sloe-leaf (and also the white-thorn leaf,) as shewn in this sketch, is more rounded, and the leaf is obtusely pointed.

The fruit or capsule is obtusely three-cornered, and about the size of a hazel-nut; it contains three cells each enclosing a seed.

Corolla cylindraceous-urn-shaped and soon bell-shaped, obtusely 4-lobed.

The more delicately dignified and civilly frosty one is to him, the more grossly familiar and hopelessly, obtusely friendly is he.