Occasioned [verb]

Definition of Occasioned:

make happen, bring about

Synonyms of Occasioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occasioned:

Sentence/Example of Occasioned:

Doyle had received news, which occasioned him to retreat for Camden.

The most afflictive of all separations, is that which is occasioned by death.

There's the loss of time it has occasioned, the worry, the uncertainty: who is to repay me all that?

Unimportant as this may seem now, it then occasioned intense excitement.

The stir in the vessel was occasioned by the preparations to meet this change.

My depression of yesterday was occasioned by the receipt of letters from England.

Many a sad heart it has caused, and many a sick stomach has it occasioned!

His surprise, and the surprise it occasioned, may be imagined.

This last exclamation was occasioned by his renewed attempt to walk.

Cataplasms of fresh cow-dung applied to bruises, occasioned by violent blows or falls, will seldom fail to have a good effect.