Occult [adjective]

Definition of Occult:

mysterious, secret; supernatural

Synonyms of Occult:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occult:

Sentence/Example of Occult:

The intimacy of occult things isolates also these wise little birds.

I do not mean to say that they did this with any occult or metaphysical motives.

He had neither patience for presentiments nor faith in anything that bordered on the occult.

"Oh, it's some of that occult rot, I don't doubt," groaned Roger.

Men feel that he is in some occult way different from them, yet they do not know just how.

How those in ignorance of occult laws have been led from the moral path.

Some occult power seemed to force the words from my throat against my will.

I have come here solely because the occult has always interested me.

For Adams's objects its value lay chiefly in its occult mechanism.

There is a growing interest in all the occult phenomena to which this work is devoted.