Occupations [noun]

Definition of Occupations:

profession, business

Synonyms of Occupations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occupations:

Sentence/Example of Occupations:

The regulation of your time and occupations would be your own.

They will seek other occupations, and be consumers rather than producers of meats.

Our evening occupations just about that time were of a most extraordinary character.

We are too absorbed in the puerile interests and occupations of daily life.

The land, as at Sparta, must have been tilled by slaves, since other occupations were found for the citizens.

She had given him his work to do, and had tried to interest him in his occupations.

After our marriage we had everything to create—our home, our society, our occupations.

He went forth and resumed his daily occupations, and pursued them diligently.

As evening drew near, my cares and occupations were redoubled.

If she wants to work she has all occupations to choose from.