Occupies [verb]

Definition of Occupies:

be busy with

Synonyms of Occupies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occupies:

Sentence/Example of Occupies:

You know that you left me to Flintwinch, and that he occupies your place.'

It is not only Monsieur that occupies himself with Mademoiselle.

Why, they've got the impudence to assert that he occupies a good position in Paris!

Does the soul, then, always bring life to whatever it occupies?

But in the position she occupies at present you are a dangerous man.

This flatters the sick man, and, better still, it occupies his attention.

The book only occupies any place in my esteem by reason of your opinion.

I have a piece of work in hand which occupies me a great deal.

To these we can add the English imitation which now occupies us.

As a successful editor, in our land, he occupies this position.