Occurred [verb]

Definition of Occurred:

take place, happen

Synonyms of Occurred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occurred:




Sentence/Example of Occurred:

The voyage was more than half completed, and nothing of importance had occurred to mark it.

It occurred to him that he could sell them at a market store in the village.

As these occurred, a rustling and a murmur expressed the subdued applause.

A sudden memory of words that Viviette had used the day before occurred to him.

Do not say a word to anybody about what has occurred to-night.

The last of these, our guide said, had occurred about five moons before.

"You could not imagine what occurred next," said the bright-faced teacher.

It had not occurred to him to try to mislead her, but she evidently did not understand.

It occurred to him that that was all we had ourselves; but that made no difference.

It occurred to him now that this might, in fact, be the time to depart.