Occurrence [noun]

Definition of Occurrence:

happening, development

Synonyms of Occurrence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occurrence:

Sentence/Example of Occurrence:

To assist the prediction of the course and occurrence of storms.

Her view of the occurrence was very different from that taken by her father.

The occurrence in the studio, however, was entirely natural.

Reconnaissances (p. 093) and raids were of almost daily occurrence.

When I heard this history, an hour or so after its occurrence, I rather demurred.

When her uncles returned she said nothing of the occurrence.

Accordingly the ephors questioned their informant: "How say you the occurrence is to take place?"

As a result of this occurrence the allies of the Lacedaemonians took fresh heart.

“He was conversing with me of that occurrence,” said Philo Gubb.

If I had not felt so at peace with all the world just then, there would have been an—occurrence then and there.