Occurrences [noun]

Definition of Occurrences:

happening, development

Synonyms of Occurrences:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occurrences:

Sentence/Example of Occurrences:

Occurrences such as this, were afterwards of too frequent recurrence.

The occurrences of the day bear all of them the stamp of facetiousness.

This was shown by the two occurrences reported on June 23, 1917.

Nor were these the only occurrences of which the glen was that night the witness.

But this was after Christmas, and in the meantime other occurrences had taken place.

All of them contained a report of some character of these occurrences.

All these occurrences could not but distress and alarm Erasmus.

Mrs. Elton was amusingly bewildered by the occurrences of the evening.

Two occurrences of 'Colorimeter' for 'Calorimeter' repaired.

The essayist remained musing on all the occurrences of the night.