Octagons [noun]

Definition of Octagons:

eight of something

Synonyms of Octagons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Octagons:


Sentence/Example of Octagons:

It was in the shape of an octagon, and the turns were considered very safe.

In the application of the dome to the octagon no pendentives are employed.

The plan of the Octagon included in its area one bay on each of its four sides.

The stone-work of the Octagon must be completed by the restoration of the pinnacles and parapet.

The fourth large window in the Octagon has been filled with painted glass.

In this Octagon the High Council held most of their meetings.

The place was an octagon, surrounded on all sides by public buildings.

The sides of the octagon are equal, and the alternate angles coincident.

The cut gives a view of the Octagon, looking in through one of these gateways.

The Octagon is not quite regular, but the sides are very nearly equal.