Octets [noun]

Definition of Octets:

eight of something

Synonyms of Octets:

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Sentence/Example of Octets:

The octet was finished and the first two lines of the sestet.

Sonata for piano, violin, and violoncello (from the Octet, Op. 103); pub.

Felix had not completed his seventeenth year when the Octet was written.

Octet for wind instruments, in E flat major; composed in Bonn before 1792.

Later he wrote a new postlude, which is found among motivi for the Octet and the Trio in C minor.

Moreover, his earlier chamber compositions were in three movements, the minuet having been added for the first time in the Octet.

The central sphere is also figured; the cigar follows its usual course, and its companions unite into a sextet and an octet.

Miss Edith Williams, the member of the octet who fainted on the stage, swooned again soon after she took the witness stand.

As an additional piece, an arrangement of a movement from Schubert's Octet was conceded.