Ocular [adjective]

Definition of Ocular:

with the eye

Synonyms of Ocular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ocular:


Sentence/Example of Ocular:

Ocular sclerite: the first or protocerebral segment of the head.

Hence, we must counteract the ocular deception by an adjustment of proportions.

I will answer the question, and show thee, by ocular proof, very soon.

But all the musical, ocular, and facial beauties are absent from writing.

He returned to his work, and set the appearance down to an ocular illusion.

We had ocular proof of this latter evil; but we at last reached the dock.

It was an ocular demonstration of what had until now been merely words!

Then follows a description, of which the reader has just had ocular demonstration.

You will gain no point with me unless I have ocular demonstration of his safety.'

Or if not that, then come along here and have some ocular evidence.