Odder [adjective]

Definition of Odder:

unusual, abnormal

Opposite/Antonyms of Odder:

Sentence/Example of Odder:

Intrigued by his odd words and odder manner, she took the folded sheet.

An odder pair of sponsors he could not have found had he been at pains to choose them so.

This was the odder as the year was 1913, and he was exactly thirty.

Ah, but it's odder still that she knows yours, for I perceive it is directed to you by name.

That was odder still; for of all animals in the world it least required it.

But if the ratel is odd in appearance, it is odder still in habits.

And that odder—that young mans, we know him, for his oncle is Colonel Dodd.

That makes his conduct and yours the odder, if there is such a word.

The more she talks and the odder the things she says, the more he's delighted evidently.

But what was odder still was, that it was no longer moonlight but early dawn.