Oddest [adjective]

Definition of Oddest:

unusual, abnormal

Opposite/Antonyms of Oddest:

Sentence/Example of Oddest:

The oddest part of these experiences is that the dirtier the inn the better the fare.

It is really one of the oddest circumstances in the whole story.

To four persons the next day was one of the oddest in their lives.

The oddest of all perhaps is the fate of the two factors in practical politics.

The oddest of all was finding Sim Jones billeted in the same prison.

The oddest mixture of staleness and of freshness is to be found there.

I wanted him to take me out to luncheon; and I had the oddest experience!

This Terry was the oddest being with whom I ever chanced to meet.

It is a dream, sir, which I am going to record, and I must say it is one of the oddest I have had.

In illustration, I will give the oddest case which I have known.