Oddness [noun]

Definition of Oddness:

peculiarity of how someone behaves, acts

Synonyms of Oddness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oddness:

Sentence/Example of Oddness:

It was an odd welcome, but its oddness at the moment went unheeded.

Her look of surprise showed that she was struck with the oddness of this.

There was an oddness in his manner she could not understand.

I dwelt not on the oddness of its contents, thoroughly characteristic of the writer.

The oddness of the incident impressed it indelibly on my mind.

The oddness of some of the odd lots was occasionally amusing.

The approach to the city is striking to all strangers from its oddness.

And then gradually he had come to feel the oddness of the animal.

But still, it will be said, there is an antiquity, an oddness in the style.

The parasol, too, by its oddness, caused his mind to wander.