Ode [noun]

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The practical result of the Ode was a pension of 200 a year conferred on him by Queen Anne.

You have given new beauties to the charming Ode which you have transmitted to me.

Poor Collins' Ode to the Passions, on and off the stage, is torn to very tatters.

And do you think that the ode is a good composition, and true?

Left alone, I began an ode which should prove to him his lack of justice.

"I'll write an ode for you upon any subject that you may set me," I challenged him.

Is not a letter of Cicero, is not an ode of Horace worth it all?

The honour to which he alludes was the setting his Ode on the Passions to music.

I have no doubt of it, although your ode was the work of a poet deeply in love.

His setting of Schiller's "Ode to Joy" was incomparably the best of the sixty efforts.