Odiousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Odiousness:

Spurius is better than a lecture from a philosopher, upon the odiousness of prejudice.

This will give him some idea of the odiousness of his crime, at least in the sight of Heaven.

These two great lights will show the odiousness of darkness.

Therefore sure there is an intrinsical evil and odiousness in a lie.

The odiousness of hypocrisy is obscurely felt by the hypocrite himself.

She must remember that the odiousness of passion is not yet evident to her children, as it is to her.

I can't think of words unpleasant enough to describe the odiousness of that particular wardress into whose charge we were given.

Fourthly—the odiousness of all that bore the stamp of the old order, even though it were sound at bottom.

But he was not driven from his purpose either by anger at the slight or by the odiousness of the insult.

The odiousness of the corruption supposed in those papers excited a general and high indignation among the people.