Odorous [adjective]

Definition of Odorous:

having fragrance

Opposite/Antonyms of Odorous:

Sentence/Example of Odorous:

It is in the brain that the poppy is red, that the apple is odorous, that the skylark sings.

Mutely together they moved through the lonesome, odorous twilight.

The railway terminus will be odorous with garlic and the humanity of Italy.

The day came on—glorious, odorous, golden—but we saw little of its beauty.

It was enough to be seated here, close with her in the starry, odorous night.

It is shadowed and scented by a hundred sorts of odorous shrubs and flowers.

He pushed it open, and stepped into the odorous darkness of its interior.

A cabbage stew, in progress on the stove, filled the room with an odorous steam.

I meant no comparisons; comparisons are odorous, saith Dogberry.

The neighbourhood may be odorous, but it is full of human possibilities.